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As the COPISOYA Spring Canton Fair continues, DAY2 new straw woven products are released
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Canton Fair in full swing, COPIAOYA once again for you to bring wonderful live.


COPISOYA Spring Canton Fair online live to the second day, in today's broadcast room, the anchor has brought many new designs for you.

The commodities on display today are featured with the same style and series. In COPISOYA, the hat and bag with the same material can be used to act the role of different colors, add different decorations and have different styles. Here is a summary of the highlights of today's live broadcast.


① Black and white style hat

The first round head lampshade modeling basin hat adopts PP braiding, selected black and white two of the most simple and versatile colors, daily no pressure, appears generous and advanced.

The material of the second top hat is cotton braids, which are inlaid with a layer of silver embellishment to highlight the sense of fashion and refinement. One is decorated with a small diamond, the other with a bow ribbon decoration, full of design sense.


② Daily joker day basin cap

The first color sandwiched paper braid round head small basin hat, designed the chiffon fabric rabbit ear modeling bow decoration, and the hat body material is buckled, the Japanese system is lovely.

The second basin hat is made of the same color sandwiched paper braid, simple hat shape, overlapping brim, delicate design retro. Clash color edge weaving is very unique.


③Lovely child cap color placemat

The first child's hat with cotton braids is lovely, the latest design for the Year of the Ox. Calf stickers are cute and interesting in shape, and the hats feel soft and comfortable, making them the best choice for babies.

The second paper braid coaster is a set of seven colors, simple and fresh. Used with cups, moisture-proof and stain-proof. You can also choose colors according to your mood. 

Those are the styles for today's live show. The hats in the same series come in different colors. COPISOYA has 30 years of hat making history, and now the form of straw products is also diverse. Customers like our broadcast products, you can also contact our customer service specialist, choose the style, material, customized color, decoration like.

If you feel that today's style is not enough, tomorrow live more rich! Tomorrow morning from 9:30 to 11:30, and from 14:00 to 16:00, the Canton Fair official website COPISOYA Home Page, COPISOYA WeChat applet and COPISOYA Tik Tok will launch on time on three platforms, bringing you more straw woven hats, bags and accessories. Remember to pay attention in advance, and let's explore straw woven culture together, be there or be square!