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The theme of the third day of the exhibition live broadcast is sweet and lovely style
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The exhibition has been carried out to the third day, today's broadcast room to bring you are sweet and lovely hat products.

Spring and summer are the best season for picnics. When going on holiday, the dress of fairy style is matched with the hat of sweet and lovely style, it can shade the sun already, and street take again.

On the third day of the live broadcast of COPISOYA Canton Fair, we brought a series of fairy and sweet straw hats and bags that suitable for traveling and photographing, adding a lovely color to your spring.

Then I'm going to give you a review of our new sweet styles productions that we saw on the air today.

 Fairy style hat and bag match

The first hat with a flat top and a flat brim is woven with fine raffite grass, and the ribbon around the hat is made of floral fabric imported from Korea, which is sweet and refreshing and refined. The brim with colorful English embroidery and floral skirt is a perfect choice for spring.

The second top hat is made of fresh straw and has a stiff shape that does not distort easily. The white chiffon fabric of the hat body is decorated into a cake decorating model, and the design of multi-layer drawing is fluffy and lovely. The brim length is suitable for good shading effect.

The third is a complete set of hats and bags. The hat body and bag body are made of pure natural Lafite grass, and the bow of pure hand-embroidered Lafite grass, which is simple and generous, and can be matched with anything. The round head basin hat design is lovely and sweet, shading and does not block the line of sight. Shell - shaped bag is light, with large capacity and easy to travel. The whole set is very ethereal.

Hollow wide brim hat with three ways to wear

This wide-brimmed hat is woven with pink yarl-grass, with a double design and three different styles of wear. Wear the inner layer of pure color hat body alone can play a good shading effect, and it can also match the silk scarf belt. Wear the outer hollow hat cover alone, has a strong sense of design, can take a fashion blockbuster. Double cascade wear, with sunscreen effect and modeling, kill two birds with one stone.

Girl-style bow hat with empty top

The main material of the first empty hat is Lafite grass, and the brim is decorated with pleated net gauze, which is very fairy. Black little bow around the hat body,which are  delicate and lovely.

The second type of Lafite braided empty cap is fixed by hair hoop, which prevents falling and does not bind the head. The purple breaks flower bowknot adornment which comes from Korea  is popular in recent years money, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity.

The third paper straw pink empty cap is featured with simple style, the same headband design, easy to wear. The girl-style pink bow with the same material feels very cute.

Lovely ribbon round head basin cap

The first straw round head basin hat has a curling design, straw is tough and easy to care for. The dovetail bow is delicate and clever, retro and simple.

The second round cap with curling edge feels very soft. The main body of the color sandwiched paper braid is matched with black fine woven ribbon and minimalist bow, which is versatile and suitable for all ages.

The third round head basin hat is made of creamy white grass, with a circle of mink hair on the brim. It is soft and comfortable, and the bowtie on the hat body is very cute.

Natural and comfortable style

The head material of the first hat is thin grass, and the brim is made of hemp fabric, which is fashionable and elegant and shows temperament.

The second Lafite wide-brimmed hat adopts a flower-shaped hollow-out design, with a fringe added to the brim and a black thin ribbon, which is simple and casual.

The third is the small top hat that braids with paper plait, use black and white to spell color to make stripe design and color. Black bowknot adornment elegant atmosphere.

The above is all the content of today's live broadcast.Did these sweet and lovely hats catch your eye? If you're planning a trip, don't forget to wear this springtime fairy grass hat.

Tomorrow our live broadcast will continue! Can COPISOYA broadcast room bring you different wonderful? Tomorrow morning from 9:30 to 11:30, and afternoon from 14:00 to 16:00, the Canton Fair official website of COPISOYA Home Page, COPISOYA applet of WeChat, COPISOYA Tiktok, these three platforms start broadcasting on time, bringing you different straw plaited shows. Remember to pay attention in advance, we shall be there or be square!