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Cloud on the COPISOYA Canton Fair, handsome hat products in the fourth day of the exhibition
Source: | Author:copisoya | Publish:2021-04-19 | 824 Views | Share:
Today broadcast room, the anchor brings the hat of the neutral wind handsome type for everyone to taste.

The fourth day of live broadcast, COPISOYA broadcast room for everyone to bring is neutral wind, relatively cool and handsome Panama hat and so on. Neutral style hats are not only suitable for women to wear, but also for men to match, can be customized to adjust the size of the cap. Here's a look at today's live broadcast.

① Panama hat with fashion temperament
The first panama hat woven with Lafite grass is made of striped pattern, simple and fashionable. Black ribbon collocation metal mark, highlight temperament.
The second color paper braided Panama hat style is relatively Japanese, bow shaped ribbon is spontaneous and gentle. Hat tone does not pick people, version of the upgrade temperament makes people more spirit.
The third Panama hat is made of custom colored paper braid. This hat is more neutral, simple and elegant. Sweatband adjustable cap for both men and women.

② handsome and spontaneous free wind
The first wide - brimmed sunshade hat is made of Lafite grass and woven with special craft. It is decorated with pearls and jeans, which makes it free and handsome.
The second cotton braided curling cap is mixed with three colors. The color collocation gives the feeling of nature, which is fashionable and simple.
Handsome paper braided Panama equestrian hat, very suitable for horseback riding, neutral atmosphere, sun protection.

③ daily random street style
The first empty cap is versatile, using paper braids to shade from the sun in daily shopping. At the back of the lacing design of the band, adjustable cap, free from bondage.
The second paper braided basin hat is exquisitely designed, with black hem and pleated button decoration showing details everywhere. Simple and easy, with casual clothing collocation.
The third flat top flat top hat is also very suitable for daily travel, the use of silver plaits woven, and airy and valiant. The hat body is very light, black decoration is also a gauze material, tangible temperament.

The above is the wonderful content of today's live broadcast. The valiant and handsome Panama hat is all-match, and even couples can choose to wear a couple's style when they travel. They can also shoot a spontaneous travel blockbuster full of natural atmosphere.
What are the straw creations on tomorrow's show? Tomorrow morning 9:30-11:30, 14:00-16:00, Canton Fair official website COPISOYA home page, COPISOYA WeChat small program, COPISOYA hat TikTok, three platforms on time to launch, bring you more straw woven hats, bags and accessories, pay attention in advance, please look forward to!