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Copisoya Canton Fair live broadcast has been carried out to the sixth day, today's live broadcast to bring the spring breath straw woven products.

Broken flowers, ribbons, bows, are the classic popular elements in clothing accessories. Will these elements fusion design into the cap product, create full of spring weather.
Today's live room for everyone is such a group of spring out of the bright colors of the hats and bags.

① crushed ribbon vacation wind
The first paper braid weave sun hat, using bright yellow color, very out of the ordinary. The same color of the broken flowers wrapped around the edge and bunny ears bow adornment lively and lovely.
The second cap uses the material of Lafite, French cap top is full of idyllic flavor. The frilled hem and ribbon are fresh and refined, and can be tied in a bow at the neck. 
The third hat with a flat top and a flat brim is more elegant. It is made of thin straw, with a creamy white border and ribbon, simple and stylish. The plaid lace can be tied with a bow or left out.

② fashion exquisite temperament section
The first top hat is made of custom-made pink cotton yarn. It is gentle and elegant, and full of girlish feeling. Cotton yarn with gold ribbon decoration is very delicate, moderate thickness, can be worn in winter. 
The second paragraph is Panama hat hat-shaped, the use of three-minute grass weaving, simple and generous style. Love and metal label Adornment Lovely and sweet, more festive atmosphere. The third top hat looks simple, but it has a hidden design. Delicate Hem and three-fold ribbon design, Renaissance Japanese, pearl decoration is also very lady.

③ gentle daily versatile type
The first vacation wind hat using straw weave, cap side decorated with fairy full of net, cap body is embroidered with pearl embellishment and scattered flower petals, very romantic dream.
The second volume side basin cap material for paper grass and PP, round cap head Japanese cute, bow size asymmetric design unique, daily street hundred take no pressure.
The third sun hat color simple atmosphere, also did a delicate package edge, very Japanese. Behind the hat double bow buckle design sweet and lovely.

④ other straw products
The first super cute small bag using lafite weaving, plush decoration playful soft, pink rabbit rich childlike. The inside of the arc handle and drawstring design are also very fine workmanship. 
The second paragraph is a straw knitting cat nest, material is very hard and not easy to deformation. There is a pad at the bottom which can be replaced. The handle is shaped in a wide eave for easy holding. It’s a must-have for cat owners.
The Third Cup mat and handbag set, can be used as a companion gift. It’s got a lot of colors, and it’s got a nice little lace border with a transparent opening. Place mat a set of seven colors, modelling lovely practicality is strong.

The above several lively and lovely, colorful straw products are the latest design shown in today's live room, we support customization, color change, you can contact our customer specialist through the contact information in the live room for communication and purchase.
If you want to know more, welcome to continue to pay attention to the Canton Fair live room! Tomorrow morning 9:30-11:30, afternoon 14:00-16:00, the official website Copisoya home page, Copisoya WeChat mini program, Copisoya Tiktok, three platforms on time to start broadcast, bring you the season's most popular fashion hat bag accessories, pay attention in advance, we will see you there.