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On the seventh day of the live broadcast of the Canton Fair, we will take you to explore the exhibition hall of COPISOYA samples.
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Today, COPISOYA exhibition hall is open. We carefully selecte the most representative hat products in the exhibition and we will show them to you through the broadcast room of the Canton Fair.

Hi friends, today is the seventh day of the Canton Fair. Welcome to the content sharing of COPISOYA Live Studio. Today, we bring you the hats that on displayed in COPISOYA Exhibition Hall.

We have a great variety of hats in the showroom, they come in different materials, different colors and different knits, and eventually we have thousands of hats.

Therefore, today we will take the raw material of Panama hat as an example to introduce all kinds of knitted hat products of COPISOYA.

Lafite straw hat

The first set of hats are all made of natural and pollution-free Lafite.The flat-brimmed hat on the left is braided in the form of braid, Its shape does not change easily, and the fringe at the brim adds a sense of freedom and the flannelette adornment makes the hat more delicate;and the one on the right is made of crochet. It feels soft, foldable and portable. The brim of the flounce is gentle and lovely.

Straw hat

The second group of hats are made of wheat straw, which is bright and shiny with fresh color. The hat version is hard and not easily deformed. The hat on the left is designed with a short brim and curls, which is neutral and suitable for street photography; and the wide flat-brimmed hat on the right shades the sun even more, and its black webbing is suitable for everyone.

Paper braid hat

The third group of hats is made of paper braids, which are low in price, good in hand, and it is cost-effective.The hat on the left has a color-sandwicked paper braid with bright blue silk threads that draw attention in the light. The hat on the right is a pair of solid paper braids in two different colors. The soft and lovely colors are paired with apricot ribbons, perfect for spring and vacation trips.

Cotton braided hat

The fourth group is the hat of cotton braids, comfortable and soft, even if it is folded, it is not easy to be out of shape, and it is convenient to receive when going out.The cotton braid on the left is woven with PP silk, which gives the hat a three-dimensional shape and naturally forms a striped pattern. The wide-brimmed hat on the right, which is pure black and woven with thick cotton yarn, is very thick, suitable for winter and can play a warm effect.

Cloth hat

The fifth group of hats are made of wear-resistant cloth, which can be used for a long time and is not easy to pilling. In addition to the main production of straw hats, COPISOYA will also make cloth hats according to the customer's order requirements.The cloth hat in the picture is beautiful in color, simple and generous, and can be matched with different clothes. The hat body adornment of same cloth shows temperament more.

Woolen hats

The sixth group of hats is made of woolen cloth, which is the representative of elegant temperament. Our woolen cloth has good quality, good feel and strong warmth retention.The pure black woolen hat on the left has a black leather trim that can be worn with dresses, velvet skirts, etc. The grey fedora on the right is decorated with leather straps and it is full of free and easy style.

Other grass hats

In the last group we introduce other materials that can be used for straw hat weaving for you.The material on the left is octopus grass, which can be woven into various styles of patterns and patterns. Its surface is smooth and the workmanship is fine. The material on the right is salted grass, full of natural flavor. Its shape is stiff and the shading performance is strong.

These are the hats of the exhibition hall in today's live broadcast of COPISOYA. In addition to the above materials, we can also use three grass, thin grass and many other raw materials for the production of straw hats. You can choose a variety of raw materials and a variety of colors of hats in our exhibition hall according to your needs. You can also modify, match and decorate them to create unique products. Welcome to visit!

In tomorrow's live broadcast, we COPISOYA will bring you more wonderful content, welcome to pay attention to the Canton Fair online live! Tomorrow 9:30am-11:30am, 14:00pm-16:00pm, the Canton Fair official website of COPISOYA  home page, COPISOYA applet of WeChat, COPISOYA Tiktok, three platforms on time to start broadcasting, be there or be square!