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The exhibition live broadcast of DAY8 designers new sharing, fairy holiday theme.
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Today the studio brings you the holiday style feature, this set of hats are the designer's latest design works this month.

In today's live broadcast of COPISOYA Canton Fair, the anchor showed the latest design works of our designers this month. In order to cater to the spring and summer travel season, the new products this time mostly holiday air fairy full hat, the following take you to have a look at today's broadcast room exciting content.

① Fairy full big eaves hat

The first beige paper braided and large eaves hat, with white papyrus decoration added to the brim, the exaggerated shape makes the face smaller, the decoration echoes the white hollow lace cloth belt, the irregular texture sense of the transparent lace web more elegant, suitable for the seaside and fairy skirt.

The second large-eared hat is designed with organza fold decoration and large organza bow. The color reflected from the organza under the sun gives people a sense of being a mermaid, and the shading effect of the large brim is excellent.

The 3rd also is cap of wheat straw big eaves likewise, two sides did black bowknot design, but oneself is tied at will, wind of French elegant fair maiden.

② Temperament fashion hat

The top hat of the first white flat head flat cornice uses paper braided, designed the animal grain element that heats up greatly this year, leopard grain adornment tie-in marble simple sense day word is buckled, relaxed and individual character.

The second style is made of custom dyed Lafite grass. The dark green Lafite grass has a heavy feeling, which makes this straw hat very weighty. Both sides decorate the double deck bowknot of symmetry, more rich three-dimensional feeling, ghost horse spirit.

The third fine braided Lafite straw hat is very delicate and delicate. Smooth ribbon stitched with metal D buckle, minimalist design. Generous, versatile, not picky.

③ daily travel shading

The first black paper braided basin cap version of three-dimensional, cost-effective. Tie-in red green bumps into the bowknot of wind restoring ancient ways, have design feeling extremely. Bow fabric feel good, three layer design more three-dimensional.

The second pure white big brim empty top hat can adjust the headband, sweat band has a drawstring design, 55 to 60 can be worn. The small diamond design with a circle of arrangement on the edge of the hat is handmade inlaid and exquisite.

The above is the summary of today's live broadcast, COPISOYA. will launch the latest design of straw woven products every quarter, conform to the current fashion accessories trend, welcome everyone to pay attention to.

The live broadcast of the Canton Fair will continue. Tomorrow morning, 9:30-11:30, 14:00-16:00, the official website of the Canton Fair, the home page of the official website of the Canton Fair, the WeChat small program of the official website of the Canton Fair, and the number of the official website of the Canton Fair will be broadcast on time. Be there or be square!